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Our fee

Our company is an independent broking services company. Generally we do not charge our clients a fee for our service. We are paid from commissions from our lenders through our aggregator.

The home loan and investment packages offered by banks and other financial institutions are often complex and the paperwork is tedious. It can be very challenging to analyse and evaluate the packages, and select the

best package available suiting your needs. If a wrong choice is made, it can be a costly mistake. A qualified and trained professional can help you assess and evaluate the best deal for you, submit the application and paper

work on your behalf and keep you informed on the progress of your application. We have access to a large range of products, lenders and banks to select the best package for you.

We are members of the professional body, Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) and members of the Financial Ombudsman Services Ltd. We are trained and qualified to meet the broking industry regulations and requirements. Our ABN is 51372890731 and ACR/ACL is 470222/452569.