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Business loans are for businesses to grow or expand their business. Loans can be used for buying new equipments, hiring staff, working capital, marketing, refinancing, or expansion. This mortgage can be secured against property or unsecured .

Business Loans

Commercial property Loans are specifically for commercial property as against housing property.  Interest rates and equity requirements are generally governed by specific criteria and market conditions at the time.

Commercial Property Loans

An interest only Loan has  repayments which only pay the interest charged on the term of the loan. The principal has to be paid at the end term of the loan. These loans are  recommended for investment  properties.

Interest Only Loans

Ideal for customers who have equity in their home or investment property and and require flexible and convenient access to funds to finance personal investments or other personal purchases.This mortgage is secured by first mortgage over the residential property.

Line of Credit Loans.

Construction loans allow customers to purchase vacant land and construct homes. The important difference between a construction loan and a standard loan is that whilst the home is being constructed, your only payments are for the interest being charged on the amount you owe at any given time. Payments start with the purchase of the land, and then the amount you owe would gradually increase as you pay the builder for the completed stages of the building.

Construction Loans

This type of loan allows customers to have some repayment certainty by allowing them to lock in an interest rate for a fixed term and fixed repayment cycle. Loan term is generally up to 30 years. Fixed interest rate options are generally available up to 10 years. Repayments can be Principal and Interest and Interest only up to 15 years.

Fixed Interest Loans.

Variable Interest Loans

Most of the lenders and banks offer this type of loans to customers and is the most popular choice. This type of loan allows customers to pay off their home loan sooner or reduce the amount of interest they pay during the life of the loan, though the use of an offset account. Repayment can be Principal and interest and interest only up to 15 years. Loan term is generally up to 30 years. The interest paid and installments paid vary during the life of the loan depending on prevalent interest rates.

Types of Loans.