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Ideal for every occasion

The family-friendly S33 is waterproof up to 10m, shockproof to a drop of 1.5m, dustproof and cold-resistant to temperatures as low as -10°C, so you can shoot anywhere, be it in the pool, or even on a ski holiday with your family. For times when you do not want to get wet, simply submerge the S33 underwater and use the Underwater Face Framing function, which automatically detects and shoots pictures of your subjects.

Quality images with every shot

Capture and relive every family vacation with superb colour and clarity with S33’s 13.2-megapixel CMOS sensor with 3x optical zoom (30mm – 90mm equivalent in 35mm format) and 6x Dynamic Fine Zoom*1 (approximately 180mm equivalent in 35mm format). Together with the Target-Finding autofocus, your subjects will always be in focus no matter where they are in the fram

Simplicity for the whole family

Equipped with large buttons and a variety of friendly menu designs, the S33 is perfect for introducing your family to the wonderful world of photography.  With a Delete Lock function, you’ll never have to worry about your little one accidentally deleting a cherished photo. The micro USB also enables quick charging so you can spend more time shooting.

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The features of this camera is listed below:

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